Boycott Israhell

Want to boycott Israel? Here is the list of brands and products to be banned from your carts !

Panic is waging Israel in the face of the triumphant rise in the boycott of Israeli products. Far from being derisory, the boycott is a weapon primarily economic, with the goal of hitting where it hurts, the wallet!

The Zionist entity has struggled with the portfolio since the launch of the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) campaign.

An international movement launched in 2005 that is growing, emulating in all spheres of society, and which is far from weakening. The barcode on most Israeli products begins with 729, but if this check alone is not reliable: click here to find out more.

To help you see more clearly about the products to boycott, here is a useful listing:


bds product list


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