Why this site

Why I do this Website…

When I was 30 years old someone asked me to describe myself. I replied that I have yet to be married and I would say that I am a cross between Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down, Kevin Spacey in American Beauty and a little bit of Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas!

However- this all changed the day that I was saved. I became Born Again.

I offer this site as a tribute to my family. The truth is that I have seen my family members rise up from poverty in one generation to accumulate wealth and live very good, decent and productive lives. They did it with only hard work, limited education and discipline. They are my inspiration!


There is one political party that is pro-abortion and one that is not.

I would never belong to a group that discriminates or shows hatred- then why would I belong to a group that promotes abortion – but even worse- partial birth abortion.

Do you know what partial birth abortion is?

A baby is partially born, and then an incision is made at the base of the skull and scissors are inserted into the incision to create a larger opening. A suction catheter is then placed into the opening, and the brain is suctioned out, which causes the skull to collapse.

Liberals support this, and I can’t sit by… I have to do something…..

Liberals complain about the Iraq War. Okay- 4,000 Americans died in four years- Americans that volunteered to fight for freedom. They had a choice.

Millions of abortions take place in America each year- including 10,000 partial birth abortions- these unborn lives never had a choice…

In life, you have to defend the most defenceless…

That is why I do what I do….


Thomas Paul.