5 Health Reasons Why People Should Reduce the Use of Harsh Chemicals for House Cleaning

Are you searching for the best house cleaning method? In this age where consumers tend to trust marketing messages that promise instant results, you need to be careful when looking the best products or services to clean your home. The reason is that some cleaning products, for example, chemical solutions can be harmful to your family’s health, cleaning company’s team members and to your pets.

hazardous chemicals in your house

It means you need to consider safe methods of cleaning, for example, steam cleaning when it comes to taking care of your home’s cleanliness. However, it can be a challenge shifting from using harmful chemicals that give you instant cleaning results if you don’t know the consequences of using them.

This post looks at five reasons why you should consider safe methods of cleaning.

• Children
detergents and other products are not healthyYou may think that children are safe if they don’t ingest or swallow these chemicals. However, the methods of exposure of harsh chemicals to children are through breathing or skin contact.
The reason is that they may encounter chemical residues left behind on cleaned floors. For instance, toddlers and infants love putting fingers in their mouths and noses, which increase their exposure risks.

• Repeated Exposure

Another reason why you should reduce the use of harsh chemicals to clean is a result of repeated exposure. That’s because air fresheners, window cleaners, and floor polish are bio-accumulative, which means that you can’t remove them quickly from the body after repeated exposure.

The result is that they add up to toxic levels. Since they are used mostly in homes for maintaining cleanliness, you increase the chances of them accumulating in your body.

• Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and asthma conditions can increase because of using harmful chemicals to carry out house cleaning. The result is that you spend money treating these conditions. The best way to solve these problems is by using eco-friendly products to clean your home.

• Cancer

example of a steam cleanerYour sink may contain active and inactive ingredients, which are harmful to your general health. It leads to you using chemical solutions to clean areas under your sink.

However, these chemicals may make your body experience cancer growth. For instance, Carcinogens, an essential ingredient of chemical cleaning products, causes or promotes cancer growth.

• Reproductive Development

Consider alternative methods of treatment since chemical cleaning products contain ingredients such as Endocrine disruptors, which mimic human hormones, confusing your body with false signals. The result is reproductive problems such as reduced fertility.

Why You Should Consider Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is a house cleaning method that uses vaporized steam to clean, dry and sanitizes your home. It’s an effective method, which can even sterilize or disinfect surfaces in your house. Bear in mind that the ability to clean depends on its heat. It’s one way that is friendly to your health as it uses vaporized water as the cleaning agent.

The above informative article on the dangers of harsh chemicals for house cleaning should make you consider steam cleaning as a safe alternative. Plan your budget estimates and read online reviews of the best steam cleaners to ensure you buy the best models.