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Immorality is the true cause of poverty in America
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Success 101- immorality is the true cause of poverty in America
Liberals will point to a lot of causes of poverty in America. They will cite discrimination, lack of opportunities for the poor, cuts in social programs by conservatives, the wealthy taking advantage of the poor, tax cuts for the rich........ This is done as a form of class warfare, to pit one class against another. It is a way for liberals to not blame their constituency for causing their own dilemma and to motivate their political base. As usual- liberals spin the truth. The truth is that the greatest cause of poverty in America is immorality. It may be the direct or the indirect cause- however- it is the greatest cause. I understand that some reading this have been inundated by liberal media for years and are probably thinking what is he talking about?

When I say poverty - I am not talking about a middle class family living in a $130,000 home with debt. You know poverty when you see it. I am talking about the homeless, the poor living in the inner cities, people facing bankruptcy and even those making less than $20,000 per year. Before I illustrate my point- I must make a caveat. I am not referring to the mentally and physically challenged. There are many today in poverty because they are mentally or physically challenged. These are people in society that need our help and to whom government resources should be directed toward. I am also not referring to those who suffer catastrophic illness. Once again- these are people that need our help. I am referring to those of sound mind and body that are trapped in poverty.

Here are some examples of causes of poverty:

Students waste their educational opportunity by being lazy not studying, doing homework or not even going to school. No description needed here..

Dropping out of high school. Every person has a moral duty to educate themselves and become a productive member of society. Dropping out of school will result in below average pay for a lifetime.

The able bodied of sound mind staying on government entitlements. This is immoral - as the person is taking funds away funds from people that really need it. Funding for social programs is limited. If you had the choice of accepting $1,000 from the government or allowing a child with Down's Syndrome to have it- I would say the moral choice would be to give it to the child. Individuals living on government entitlements for an extended period of time will live in poverty.

Filing for bankruptcy resulting from needless overspending. Excessive spending on things that are not necessities such as alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, wasteful buying is immoral and will lead to poverty in time.....

Teenagers having babies. To risk the chance of bringing a life into this world that you are not prepared to care for to satisfy your desires is a selfish and immoral act. Teenagers do not have the funds or means to raise children. Raising a child, paying for school and working at the same time - is not the wisest or easiest path and on the avergae lead to poverty.

A married man abandoning his wife and children. We know how difficult and expensive it is to raise children. It is even harder for a single parent. Many children of single parents live in poverty. It is not the child's immorality that has led them to poverty - it was the father’s immorality.

Having multiple children with multiple partners and never marrying. This father of multiple children wuth different partners is going to be facing financial hardship for many years. He is going to have to support multiple families. As a result- the children will also suffer, because the man will not be able to support all his children.

Abusing legal intoxicants and drugs. Alcohol and prescription drugs are legal- but becoming an alcoholic or addicted to prescription drugs is immoral. We have all seen homeless people on the side of the road holding a brown paper bag containing alcohol. These are people whose addiction is so strong that it destroys them.

Driving while intoxicated or on drugs. A person is caught driving while intoxicated will face fines, loss of a driver’s license, a felony record. A person causing an accident – will spend time in jail and it will lead to poverty.

Becoming addicted to illegal drugs. Drugs will consume your money and cause your professional life to suffer. There are endless stories of people that were wealthy that lost everything because of their addiction to drugs.

People that shoplift or commit minor crimes. Eventually – these individuals will be caught. As a result, with a criminal record they will have a difficult time finding good paying jobs.

Criminals that rob, assault others and commit felonies. Once these individuals are caught the price will be prison and a serious criminal record. Even when they are released from prison- they will have a difficult time finding a job. Liberals will bring up Martha Stewart or Ken Lay. It would be wonderful if we were all as rich as they; however, the truth is that 99% of the people that fall in this category will end in poverty.

Murderers and rapists. These are the most serious of criminals. These criminals will spend many years in prison. If they ever are released from jail- they will have no savings- no Social Security.... It is a lifetime of poverty.

Not all of the above are mutually exclusive- many can happen to the same person. A person can be addicted to drugs, commit crimes and have children with more than one person. The more you fit into any of these categories- the more likely you will find yourself in poverty. I know liberals are thinking right now – the rich do many of these things and they are not living in poverty. You can always find some examples- however- the above are true for the majority of the population. Please note- even the very wealthy have fallen due to their immorality. Mike Tyson was once a very wealthy man who got into fights, was accused of spousal abuse, convicted of rape, subjected to lawsuits and wastefully spent his money. As the result, he faced bankruptcy today. Michael Jackson was one of the wealthiest celebrities in America who is now facing financial crises....

Approximately 10% of the population in America lives in poverty. What percent of the poor do the examples above apply to? I would say that it is the majority. In America- you have the freedom to choose. Unfortunately- some make the wrong decisions. Does this mean that our freedom to choose should be taken away? Of course not- because freedom to choose has led to many great endeavors, discoveries and inventions. It is freedom that allows anyone to rise from poverty by following the values of hard work, education and discipline. We must educate people at an early age of the truth. If you begin life in poverty, immoral acts will only make your struggle greater. The saddest result of immoral behavior are those that those that are hurt indirectly. The innocent pay a great price and so do the hard working responsible Americans doing the right things right in life that have to pay for all of those that do the things listed above.

Written by Thomas George

© 2005