Violent Crime and Murder in America
Blame Democrats!

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Violent Crime and Murder in America- Blame Democrats
It is true! If you want to place blame for the majority of violent crime and murder in America- blame Democrats. I ask- where does the most violent crime and murders in America occur? It takes place in the inner cities of America. New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia .... Washington DC- is considered the murder capital of the nation. This is the city that elected Marion Barry as mayor after he was convicted of drug charges. What is the political characteristic of these cities? These are inner cities located in blue states (Democratic states). That being said- inner cities are not Republican strong holds regardless of the state. Please note that even in red states (Republican states)- the inner cites are voting in high numbers for Democrats. Do you think the residents of Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York, Philadelphia are voting for Republicans? They are voting in much higher percentages for Democrats. I am making a blanket statement- but the percentages back this statement. As a result- it is fair to say that most crimes and murder in America are being committed by Democrats - because the percentages of Democrats in these areas far exceed the number of Republicans.

So do you want more proof? Just watch an episode of the show Cops. The majority of people being arrested are not Republicans. Do you think an unemployed drug dealer is supporting President Bush? Okay- so a guy getting busted for selling crack may not be voting at all - but his neighbors are and they are not voting for President Bush or Republicans! And if that guy selling crack could vote- he would not be electing conservatives?

Liberals reading this will point to one or two Republicans that have been convicted of crimes and refer to them as an example and stereotype all Republicans as such. That is like saying that because Aileen Wournos was a serial killer- all serial killers are women. The truth is- the majority of serial killers are white males in their 30's or 40's. The percentages reflect that most crime and murder is committed in the inner cites of America by the poor and this is the constituency of the Democratic Party. This is simple math. If 70% of the people living in a particular inner city are Democrats and there are 100 murders in that city - it is likely that 70 percent of the murders will be committed by Democrats. Please note that I am being conservative here with the numbers- 90% of African Americans vote for Democrats. I would suggest that the poor in the inner cities vote for Democrats at a percent not far from that.

With simple math and logic we have established that the majority of crime in America is committed by Democrats or people that support the values of the Democratic Party. Please note that Democrats (liberals) decry the deaths of 2,000 volunteer soldiers in an effort to spread freedom in the world. On average - there are close to 20,000 murders of innocent people in America each year. That is approximately 40,000 during the time of the Iraq War. As previously noted- the majority of these are in areas in America that vote in high numbers for Democrats- thereby committed in high numbers by Democrats. Despite this fact- you never hear Democrats decry the murder of innocent people like they do against the war in Iraq. Instead - they complain about the police officers tactics arresting these murderers. Instead- liberals want to parole these murderers and give felons the right to vote!

I have made a comparison with the deaths of innocent Americans and deaths of soldiers in Iraq trying to spread freedom. Please note that I have not even mentioned liberals support of abortion and partial birth (live birth) abortions- which total in the millions per year.

So I ask- what side are you on? The Republican side- which targets the killing of terrorists bent on destroying America and freedom (criticized by Democrats) or the the Democrat side that commit the most crimes including murder against innocent Americans by a large percent- but are against the effort to target terrorists and spread freedom in the world?

Written by Thomas George